Chamberlin Newsome

Brooklyn based visual artist, known for abstract explorations of color and volume. Chamberlin's paintings attain an aura of subliminality by exploring the power of intense color relationships to create visceral and emotional reactions.  Her compositions create visual harmony out chaotic color and line combination in which the focal point seems to evolve with the viewer's gaze and vantage point. Having spent most of her life in New York City, Chamberlin's compositions are informed by the heterogeneous visual and socio-cultural juxtapositions as well as the fractured verticality of its architecture. By revealing the latent tension in the regimented compositions, Newsome challenges us to be aware of the tension or lack of tension that surrounds us in our everyday lives, be it visual, structural or social.  By emphasizing and revealing the process of the paintings' evolution, she makes observers complicit in her artistic process and invites them to transcend into a world beyond the rigid and confirmative pressures of modern life.

Professional Work Experience

Freelance Experience:

Illustrator –                                                                                                                                                                                                  9/2010 - Present

Story boards for Ad campaigns, Book cover, website illustrations, greeting cards, logos, children’s book                                  (companies/campaigns I have Illustrated: Sapient Nitro, The Works, Tiffany’s, Chanel, Diesel, Avon, Apple and more)                                                      

Denimafia – Design – New York, NY                                                                                                                                                 10/2012 to 10/2013

A full service design/product development group specializing in Men’s and Women’s Sportswear and Denim

Help President of Denimafia with sketches for tech packs when needed.  Assist at and attend Kingpins trade show to scouting out new trends and fabric. 

Full time Experience:

Burch Creative Capital, Electric Love Army – New York, NY                                                                                                             12/2011 to 09/2012 

A Clothing line Creatively Directed by Kelly Cutrone.  Collaborations with well-known stylist, artists, and designers to capture the essence of a strong and independent, sexy woman.  


Initially hired as Associate Designer, but within six months was internally recruited to be trained for position as Designer for brand.  Directly worked with Celebrity Creative Director Kelly Cutrone to develop and design new line of fashion-forward apparel.  Personally aided in the setup for primary format for new startup.  Created sketches for woven and denim designs to establish brand; presented finished images and sketches at design meetings.  Met and interviewed all vendors; communicated directly with factories to maintain integrity of Tech Packs and product.  Ensured quality of outsourcing for product, making certain goods were being utilized to stay within budgetary confines.  

  • Attended fashion shows, trade shows, as well as focus groups to remain up-to-date with fashion trends relation to the ELA consumer to maximize on the startup branding for company.
  • Participated in all cross-departmental meetings maintaining communication with all parties to maintain universal vision for quality of brand, aesthetic, print, and product-fit.  When necessary, updated direction to involved parties in order to ensure cohesion of brand image despite changes in production.
  • Trained and managed intern who went on to join J. Christopher Capital team.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Denim & Supply – New York, NY                                                                                                                                      02/2009 to 12/2011

A new approach to Ralph Lauren denim and sportswear that captures the authentic character of found vintage pieces, effortlessly styled with a young, individualistic spirit.   

Associate Designer

Rebranded the Polo Jeans Company Brand (PJC) to become Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren.  Worked on Denim Design team that answered directly to Design Director. Designed Women’s Denim line from product conception through launch of stores’ first eight seasons of the Denim & Supply product.  Gathered trend research and inspirations for upcoming seasons.  Interpreted and translated vintage garments into authentic new products.  Attended wash meetings; actively assisting in choosing various washes and giving direction on achieving desired wash targets.  Rewashed, repaired, hand-dyed, and doctored proto samples when necessary.  Created, updated, and maintained tech packs on PDM System.

  • Traveled to Hong Kong and China to work directly with overseas team giving real-time wash direction as well as commenting on product-fits when visiting factories.
  • Designed and created showroom WOW-Factor pieces in-house by hand. Directed outsourced sewers and painters for replication of WOW piece for inclusion in additional showrooms.
  • Took part in cross-departmental meetings regarding the organization of fit, production, fabric, sales, and vendors in order to stay in budget, ensuring both quality of products and unity of brand.

Calvin Klein Jeans – New York, NY                                                                                                                                                 06/2005 to 06/2007

Authentic designer jeans brand known for innovative fit and unique denim treatments.  Clean, effortless styling with an element of edginess.

Assistant Designer

Worked primarily on denim and woven alongside the Design Director for Calvin Klein Juniors and Premium Denim line.  Collaborated directly with Senior Designer on concepts, moods, and designs.  Made, maintained, and updated Tech Packs.  Drew garment sketches by hand and in Illustrator. Created layouts for t-shirt graphics and embroidery for denim. Participated in Fit Sessions; commented on Lab Dip Submissions.  Aided in creation of themes and color stories by seeking outside inspiration, researching market trends and translating ideas into brand image.

Federated Merchandising Group,  New York, NY                                                                                                                           08/2003 - 06/2004

Liz Claiborne, New York, NY                                                                                                                                                            09/2002 - 07/2003

Olive & Bette’s, – Soho, NY                                                                                                                                                                   11/2013 to 6/2016

Women’s Clothing Boutique


Facilitate store sales by handling and supervising daily processes/activities carried out within the store including the store associates, product inventory, and merchandising of product.  Train, lead and motivate the sales team to increase sales.   Coordinate with company policies and strategies to develop/increase the customer base, sales, and presentation of the store.  

  • Meet or exceed sales goals.  Within the first 4 months of managing increased sales by 21% over LY numbers and 15.5% over plan.
  • Updated superiors on business performance, new initiatives and other issues.  Responded to customer comments and complaints.
  • Maintained awareness of market trends in the retail industry.  Assist in choosing store merchandise at local platforms such as Coterie. 
  • Promoted company locally by communicating with local Social Media channels and work with corporate office to update web presence. 
  • Monitored the sales floor regularly, talking to staff and customers, and identifying and resolving urgent issues.
  • Handle employment issues such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring potential employees.

Previous & Other Relevant Experience                                                                                                                                                                           

Arts in Bushwick - New York, NY                                                                                                                      3/2013 to 2/2016

A non-for-profit organization that serves and engages artists and other neighborhood residents through creative accessibility and community organizing with the goal of creating an integrated and sustainable neighborhood.

Attend all meetings prior to and for Bushwick Open Studios.  Help in the organization, advertisement, and production of the Bushwick Open Studios weekend.  Attend scheduled events, come up with and create stimulating blog articles for writers.  Engage in the community in a professional manor.

Pretty Connected - New York, NY                                                                                                                    2/2013 to 1/2015

A fun beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog based in New York.  Covers all things pretty with a sense of humor and a zest for life.    

Attend events, photograph events, test products, and/or interview and discuss product with host and/or company representative.  Write blog posts in an efficient and timely manor.   Convey the Pretty Connected demeanor within the written post and also reflect thebrand/product being discussed in a honest and positive vernacular.  

  • Help manage other writers, train them in Word Press, and distribute articles according to their specific interests.
  • Attend fashion shows during fashion week and interview make up artists behind the scenes to learn about the new trends for the season.

Education and Professional Advancement

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion DesignFashion Institute of Technology – New York, NY & Florence, Italy                                     Graduated 2005

Art Specialization Program; Acceptance- Only for Excelled Students ▪ Vice Pres. Community Service Phi Theta Kappa, FIT’s Honor Society

Additional Skills

Design ▪ Painting ▪ Illustrations ▪ Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator ▪ Wed PDM ▪ Word ▪ Outlook ▪ Denim Repair & Doctoring ▪  People Management ▪ Visuals ▪ Organization ▪ Press Kits ▪ Visual Merchandizing ▪ Problem Solving ▪ Blogging ▪ Styling ▪ International Liaison ▪ Motivation ▪ Multi-tasking ▪ Social Media ▪ Oil Painting